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Thread: Seat Frame Rebuild

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    Wet Dream
    Another great winter project, I am having the seats re-upholstered, but I want to have the 2 structures for the front seats redone. Preferrably by myself. I know that leaning on the drivers side it flexes in a big way. I am sure the original wood is rotted out. The fronts are the only ones that need it, and of course they are rounded in the back and I am wondering how to get that roundness. I was thinking that I should use 1/8" type ply and laminate it myself, but if there is another way, I would love to hear it.

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    I used 1/4 inch the trick to get the plywood to bend without breaking is WATER run water on the wood pryor to bending if you hear cracking keep wetting and slowly bend.also dont bend against the grain.

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    Wet Dream
    Did you laminate the wood? What I mean is did you use a couple of pieces of 1/4" and glue inbetween them, or just use the single piece?

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    Theres a couple of ways one is to take 3/4 in. plywood and run a series of saw cuts about 5/8s of the way thru until there is just one layer of wood holding it together then slowly bend the wood to the shape you want.The saw cuts should be about an 1/8 in. apart. Another way is to laminate the wood like you had mentioned. They used to sell a product that you added to the water and it helps loosen up the fibers if you do soak it in water let it sit in it for a couple of days before bending it.

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    Man, that sounds like a lot of work. When I re-built my seats, I took abart my old seats (front buckets) and looked at how they were made, and put together. I then measured everything, cut out the wood pieces, and built another seat. I had to do a little glassing in the back support, but thats how my old seats were. Once I was finished, the interior fit perfectly.

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