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Thread: Sad Picture

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    A friend of mine from Eastern sent me this pic today.....This was Eastern ship 306....The very first L-1011 EAL ever the flagship carrier for that plane.....I have spent many hours flying in and working on this beauty...Even got to fly it on the occasional test flight.....makes me sad... :frown:

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    Buy it and restore it back to new!

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    Where is that Graveyard at, i have been to Mojave and the "storage" area, it's sad to see the planes just sitting there.

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    Tom Brown

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    Well at least it was an organ doner. It saved a many L-1011 that abused it's fueslage.

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    dumb as it sounds ..when I come out West I would like to stop at Evergreen air center where all these beautiful machines are stored and tour the place...If its allowed..

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    I have a few connections out "In The Desert" where that boneyard is JBB. We can go together. I would love to visit myself.

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    Tom Brown
    Speaking of sad...
    I can't stop with the chopping. WTF?

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    Speaking of sad...
    I can't stop with the chopping. WTF?

    you are on a roll......and the response is favorable.....roll with it

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