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Thread: Headers 4 Mopar 440?

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    I'm looking for a used set of headers for a Mopar 440. Does anyone know anyone that has some sitting around?

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    Licketty Split
    Talk to Paul Bassett at ( you guessed it Bassett Racing ) he's a great guy and I'm shure he can hook you up, while you at it get him to install scavenger nipples to pipe your breathers to, it makes life mutch better ( No more oil in the bottom of your boat) 800-345-5824 Tell him Shane from Flagstaff sent you He'll charge you dubble hehe http://free.***
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    I am also looking for a set for the 440.....I have a nice set of chrome wet Bassetts for a hemi.

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    I am also looking for a set for a 440 tooooo. I have a set of wet chrome hemi Bassett headers 4 sail.
    BTW - I checked that listing that I can see.

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    I looked also, couldnt find any, They are hard too find. Basset makes them but they are pricey! If I cant find any used ones I guess I'll have to go new!

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    I have a set on mine, ceramic coated that I might want to sell.

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    well w - shoot me a price...any other parts?

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    That site might have been at (
    OR....check out ( , they have better prices than Bassett.
    Here's their info...
    Product ID : MCHR1030 Category Engine Type
    Headers Chrysler 383, 440, Wedge
    Jet Drive Style Header
    Long Style Collector, 2" Primaries, Water Injection, Chrome Plated
    Price: $635.00 Quantity:
    Or, (
    And their info...
    440 Chrysler Headers Part # Code Engine Type Primary Collect Inject Finish Retail Price
    9003-2 BR-28 Chrysler 440 Jet 2 Long Water Chrome $ 750.00
    Here guys, the ad from (
    This ad was submitted on 3/8/02
    and was last updated on 3/10/02
    The seller is located in Lindenhurst, NY crysler stage 6 alum heads pro ported/flowed compleat with rockers and shafts just freshend and spacerplates for wedge 2500 j/e pistons 4.375with buttons 11.5 to 1 comp set of 10 400$ comp/cams roller .690gross/valve lift for wedge 125$ ATI DAMPER 125$ FOR WEDGE SET OF REWARDER ZOOMIES CHROME FOR WEDGE 250$
    Tim Hyland can be contact at:
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    Only one guy suits this description.....
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