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Thread: A Sad day

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    Dr. Eagle
    One of my son's closest High School friends, and for that matter one of my close friends as well.. passed away last night. Larry Brooks was 28 years old.
    He was a bright young man working on his Phd in History at Sacramento State University. He stopped in at our home nearly every night. We would talk history, watch the history channel and other generally geeky things.
    Unfortunately he had issues with prescription medications, and had been in rehab several times. He died in his sleep after taking sleeping medication. Larry will be missed by my entire family.

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    sorry to hear that Eagle, our thoughts are with you and yours.

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    Ohhh! how sad i am so sorry, young lives are so important to us

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    Sorry to hear that Eagle.....

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    sorry to hear that.

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    Very sad to read, sounds like a good kid that things got away from.

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    very sorry to hear that Dr E

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    Sorry to here about that. :frown: I had a good freind of the families pass away from the same circumstance. The sad thing is that there are no answers.
    My freinds sister was addicted to perscription drugs also. When one doctor wouldn't give her the drugs she wanted, she would just go to another doctor and start over. Very sad. There's no way for the doctor their seeing to know their past if they don't disclose it. One day she died in her sleep in a recliner.
    She was about the same age at the time. A very happy girl from what everyone knew.
    I feel the loss.

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    Tom Brown
    Sorry Eagle.

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    Doc, I'm very sorry to hear about your family's loss. It's special having friends (kid's friends) like that and very painful when they die way too young. I wish you and your family and the boy's family all the best at this difficult time.

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