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Thread: F-the cable companies...

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    Every six months the rate goes up just for flippen TV...BS :yuk: ! I cancelled my cable today, and took their hands out of my wallet and from around my neck :notam: . Ahhhhh I can breath again . Besides, it seems like there's more and more commercials in a show than the actual show!

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    the answer is Direct TV

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    the answer is Direct TV
    No it ain't, around me it's just as much. :notam:
    Im going back to rabbit ears...

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    and the cities get about 5% of your monthly bill :hammerhea

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    Well maby you can watch the Andy Griffth Show? :jawdrop:

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    cable reams me on the internet connection.But for tv i have direct tv i like it alot better since i had a platinum card for the first year too.Now i have most channels minus the hbos,cinemaxes,showtimes,etc.But enjoy the history ,discovery,cmt,gac.Plus i get to see programming three hrs earlier.oh and i have an extra dish so i can have tv when i go camping too.

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    Well maby you can watch the Andy Griffth Show? :jawdrop:
    And the...
    Patty Duke Show
    Petticoat Junction
    Dick Van Dyke Show
    Leave it to Beaver
    My 3 Sons
    Mr Ed
    The Honeymooners
    Ozzie and Harriet
    The Lone Ranger....etc...etc...etc

    Like I said...F-the cable Co's

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    After VOOM went out of business April 30th I just running the free air HD channels and might just stay that way. I have not missed a thing. The only thing the wife is bitch'in about is missing the food channel. Saving me $100.00 a month. :idea:

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    Direct tv here cause Its the only way to get NFL ticket.

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