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Thread: Who says we go kick some ass!!!!

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    By now everyone's probably heard about the terrosist attacks on the east coast. I'm just curious about how many of us want SEVERE retribution. Just trying to light a little patriotic flame!

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    Havasu Hangin'
    A few tactical strikes to pound them into submission, will work for me. Severe? YES!

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    Retaliation is a must Prayer for all of the people on the planes and their targets perhaps a prayer for our nation

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    I say we take take out several key figure heads and then take their oil!!!

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    flat broke
    First of all, my condolences to the families of those who have lost loved ones this morning. God only knows how many that may be.
    Now, I agree with 460 wholeheartedly. We can just start Osama Bin Laden, then systematically assasinate any and all affiliates.
    I am more than a bit concerned that Bush seems to be playing this a bit too cool. I understand the importance of squarely placing the blame with the correct party, but at this point something a little stronger than "a full-scale investigation to hunt down and to find those folks who committed this attack" needs to be stated and acted upon.
    I also don't mean to scare anyone, but please realize that there are also still planes in flight about the US. For us So Cal'ers, some of them are due to land within the hour. There should also be concern for Biological mayhem that could ensue if the HiJackers were able to smuggle small amounts of Anthrax or similar viruses on board the aircraft.
    I have been wondering what Colon Powell has been up to lately. Now I eagerly await his first press conference, and his return from S. America.

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    On another note please DONATE BLOOD the supplies will be low. YOU MAY SAVE SOMEONES LIFE..................

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    knowing that this happened 20 miles from where im sitting and i can see the smoke in the sky from the pentigon , just think if they had a atomic bomb holy shit

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    One pint of blood gets divided up 4 ways. Rstover's right, you may save a life. Just kinda makes you realize that, even as great a nation as we are, we are still vulnerable. Maybe all those uneducated people that are against military spending will rethink how they vote this fall!!! I say find out who did this, bomb the hell out of them, and I'll volunteer to be the first Marine on the ground bustin' heads!!

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    I'am a little to CLOSE FOR COMFORT!!!...YEKS!!! PS. they know better to F*$K with PHILLA!

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    Havasu Hangin'
    Originally posted by mister460:
    ...I say find out who did this, bomb the hell out of them, and I'll volunteer to be the first Marine on the ground bustin' heads!!
    I vote for stand-off weapons. No sense risking you or froggy- who will answer all the questions on the board?
    Perhaps a few well-placed cruise missles.

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