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Thread: Sommerville 6-7-8?

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    Anyone going out this weekend to sommerville? Ill be out there with the new boat. Its a white and Red flame hawaiian. Look forword to meeting those who go.

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    I will be out there Saturday and Sunday if the weather cooperates. I think Texas Jet will be out there as well. I will be out at Pecan Just look for a silver and white Southwind

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    I'll be out Sat. afternoon. I'll look for you. Swing by Pecan, Greaser and I will be there for sure. TJ

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    Well, I tried to make it out, but it was to rough. We ended up just sitting at Birch creek park, and drank a few A guy pulled up in a brand new Baja, (he put the tx # on at the ramp) so we watched him launch. That thing was huge, and the twin motors sounded awsome.

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