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Thread: V drive oil type

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    Im in the process of rebuilding a ARGO v drive & it has "H80" stamped on it.
    Does this have anything to do with the oil type ?
    If not what oil should i top it up with ?

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    good OL' 80/90 gear oil will work fine

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    Thanks. :smile:

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    seems like with the synthetic oils, they howl alot less!!!!----mobil synthetic gear oils can be found most anywhere

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    howl -----I guess I should have said "Whine"

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    Cole Man II
    I use (Red Line Synthetic Oil - Heavy Shockproof Gear Oil).

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    repo man
    i use halh molbil synthetic and half lucas oil stabilizer it works great

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    I have just re installed the v drive back in the boat so its oil time.
    Iv had a little trouble finding synthetic gear oil in my town, Castrol Syntran apparently only comes in 20L drums, most auto shops iv visited dont have any.
    What is Amsol gear oil like ?
    There is a Amsol distributer in Oz willing to deliver "Amsoil 75w 90 fully synthetic gear oil" if requested, a little expensive at $19 quart (0.95 litre)
    Worth the money ???
    Also how much oil is required for a v drive.

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    IMO, and I'm sure there several here with TO, standard 85/90 gear oil will work just fine. The major drawback I see from the expense of the syn oils of today is no way to drain and save if you want to change gears. The standard stuff is cheap enough to just discard and replace. Unless you are putting out major HP, or launching into drag races on a regular basis, the old school gear oil should be fine......My .02..............MP
    PS: the thicker, the quieter.

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    Kev, Not many of us have even seen a v drive like yours. We just don't see them here in the states. I know it's pretty much the same as a Casale for the most part but......
    The guy that owns Argo posts over at AZ Dons site every now and then. I'm sure he would be happy to answer all your questions.
    The site goes up and down allot. Down at the moment. But here is the address

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