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Thread: Oil Pressure?

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    I put that little 177 blower on the Howard and took it out for a shake down run last night. I was very impressed! Hole shot was great,Throttle response was awesome and I got 500 rpm and 6 mph on the top end for a total of 5000 rpm @ 60.2 mph(gps)with an "A" cut and semi pro loader. Now for the bad news. My 454 has always run at 40 lbs of oil pressure. For the first hour last night we had 40 lbs, then it dropped to 20 lbs and finally it was 0 at idle and about 10 lbs at 3000 rpm. So I limped it home. The motor did not get hot, had no lifter tick,no clunks, bangs or anything that would lead me to believe it was a bend push rod or valve train. Any idea's? I will hook up a manual guage right to the block and double check sending unit and guage this afternoon.

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    fat rat
    Sounds like you got it all covered.....hopefully its just a bad sending unit, no oil pressure reading gets my heart pumping....I hate it when that happens. Good Luck

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    I noticed you said the oil pressure drop could cause a tick in the valve train, if it can, what causes that, I posted a letter today about this topic. I need to know what it is so I can fix it, so far, everyone is stumped about this problem. I tried ATF, no luck, it looses power as well when reved about 4 thousand, and it is random, it wont do it when I drop it in the water, but once it warms up, it starts, sometimes worse than others and sometimes it looses power, sometimes it doesnt. thanks for any help

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    spectras only
    Cruiser,maybe one of your rocker arms went south,you could still run decent on 7 cyl with a reduced oil pressure caused by the missing rocker.Removing the valvecovers is in order,check for bent pushrods as well.
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    Is there an oil cooler with your engine? It can also be the cause of that oil pressure drop.

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    There is not an oil cooler hooked up but I do have a remote oil filter. I just fired it up on the hose with a MAC oil pressure tester hooked right to the block and with engine cold it read a hefty 2lbs. I have center rise exhaust so I have to remove them before the valve covers can be removed to inspect rockers,Which are rollers installed about a month ago.
    H19, you have some issues, power loss,ticking and low oil pressure is not good. From what I understand when you have low oil pressure your hydraulic lifters are not getting pumped up so your push rods bottom them out creating lifter tick.
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    Well the cat's out of the bag and it's rebuild time! I popped off the valve covers and it's full of little copper bearing dust.
    Oh well time to build that BIG FATTY i've always wanted!

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    Pay particular attention to your oil pick up. I have a friend who had the same symptoms as you. We tore the motor down two weeks ago and found the pick up on the bottom of the oil pan. Bummer about the copper flakes...
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    I was so depressed my motor blew 2-days ago that I broke down and bought a Pro built never fired 468 with 8/71 BDS, dual 600's,Kieth Black forged pistons,comp cam and all the goodies.My mouth waters just thinking about it. Well got to get out in the shop,put that baby in and break the cam in. I'll post speed results.

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    Racing Ray
    E mail me if the 177 is now available.

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