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Thread: 460 Ford Motor Mount Problem. Help!

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    Mighty Thor
    I got ambitious and went to set the 460 engine in my Glastron 76 CVX 20. The front mount system in the boat is a metal cradle that is bolted between the stringers and has two risers that come up toward the engine. at the top of each riser there is a piece of 4 inch long pipe that the motor mount bolt passes through. The ears of the motor mount are supposed to slip over the ends of the pipe and the bolt runs through the whole works. Well so much for theory.
    The motor mounts on the engine are two piece units and the ears for the bolt are two narrowly spaced to fit over the 4 inch pipe. Plus, if the motor were to fit down on the front mounts it would be about one inch to far forward and the bellhousiing would not sit on the nose of the JE pump.
    This is all very strange cause this was supposed to be the engine that came out of the boat. I suspect that I must have the wrong motor mounts on the engine but I have no idea what I need to fix this problem or where to start looking. I need some input.

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    Got any pics? Sounds similar to my 3 point set up. Do the pipes go vertical or horizontal?

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    You hit in the head. That is more than likely the right engine. The mount system is exactly what I have and it wirks like a charm. There is a little dimple on the mounts attached to teh engine that fit into the slot on the moutn attached to the stringer. If you get your drive line together then work the mounts together as you wiggle the drive line. Once they slip togehter line up the bumb and groove. It should line up perfect. Then there is a strap that goes around the pump and bolts to the bell housing. On the mounts once you get them set right there will be a three spacers for each mount. two short ones and one long. The long goes in the middle and the short ones go on each side.
    I just set mine a couple of weeks ago and like a glove.

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    Mighty Thor
    Horizontal, working on pics, but as near as I can tell from looking at other CVX 20's some one may have added the pipes afterword.

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    Mighty Thor
    Here is pictures of everything. I think someone welded a pipe where it should not be.

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    SSandeamon and Blown 472 know what these look like .. PM them. IMO I would look into the actual motor mount ear spacing. looks to me like just a confusion in year the mounts were produced. before doing any cutting grinding, this spacing will definatly influence where the motor ultimatly sits. also tom brown has a carlson site that maybe somebody has run into this problem along with the other glastron site. Glad your moving foward and getting that thing rigged .. now hurry up summers are short.. time to enjoy the boat.. R.B.

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    Mighty Thor, i Have a '78 CVX20. I use the same motor mounts as you have in the pic except for one thing. On the mount i dont have the pipe on mine, i use spacers. I think you are right that someone welded those on. It can be a pain to trying to set an engine when trying to get the spacers on, but i just deal with it

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    well thor my charger mini day has chevy motor mounts with ford upper plates welded to the rubber motor mounts so ill try to get some pics up for ya to look at .. but my pearches are the same as yours ... :idea: sometimes it makes it easier to mount the motor in the hull with the tubes welded in like that .. it makes sense in a race car maybe they adapted it to work here ????

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    Here's a pic of my setup, Thor. Sorry it's not the best, I had to crop a pic from a couple of months ago- the motor is in the boat now. As you can see, one side of the bracket bolts right up to the motor mount and the other side has a 1" or so spacer.

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    Crap, I guess you can't see it well at all- Let me know if you want some detailed pics of the motor mounts with the engine installed. I can probably hang the camera down there and get you some better ones.

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