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Thread: BIG DRUG BUST IN HAVASU - Havasu News..

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    15 arrested in drug sweep
    By Brian DiTullio
    Thursday, May 5, 2005 10:09 PM MDT
    News-Herald Photo/Brian DiTullio Members of the SWAT Team secure the area outside 807 Chalon Lane as suspect Juan Jose Gastelium-Cota, aka "Coyote," sits cuffed on the curb.
    Fifteen people were arrested as police made a string of arrests in a two-day drug sting.
    Wearing Kevlar and carrying rifles, SWAT teams executed "no-knock" warrants at five separate locations around Lake Havasu City about 7 a.m. Wednesday resulting in 10 arrests.
    On Thursday, several more warrants were executed, resulting in five more arrests as of Thursday evening.
    "This is the first strike in an ongoing investigation," said Lake Havasu City Police Lt. Joe Archie.
    The multi-agency task force assembled in Lake Havasu City early Wednesday morning, the result of a "lengthy" investigation, according to several law enforcement officials.
    Seized in the raids were a quarter ounce of marijuana, a quarter ounce of methamphetamine and a large quantity of cocaine. Police also found two rifles and a handgun at one location, as well as surveillance equipment.
    Police feel the drugs found so far are just the tip of the iceberg and that the arrests should potentially yield a "large quantity" of drugs.
    According to Capt. Randy McCaleb, all the suspects were known to be armed and well organized, conducting their own surveillance on police activities.
    "They've been watching us," said McCaleb.
    Police served warrants at the following locations Wednesday: 807 Chalon Lane, 950 Hurricane Drive, 1330 Tanqueray Drive, 2620 McCulloch Blvd. unit 1 and a storage unit at 1605 Corona Drive.
    Arrested and charged with felonies were Michelle Marie Angelo, 23, facilitation to sell dangerous drugs and three other outstanding warrants; Juan Jose Gastelium-Cota, aka "Coyote," 29, two counts of sale of dangerous drugs and possession of a firearm during a drug felony, conspiracy to sell dangerous drugs and involving or using minors in drug felonies; Cesar Campos Vega, 31, conspiracy to sell dangerous drugs; Oscar Jimenez-Martinez, 36, conspiracy to sell dangerous drugs; Juan Carlos Gomez-Mendez, 23, possession of drug paraphernalia.
    Also arrested and charged with felonies were two male juveniles, brothers, ages 16 and 17. The first juvenile was charged with five counts of sale of a dangerous drug and one charge of conspiracy to sell a dangerous drug. The brother was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.
    Arrested on misdemeanors were Edward Lawrence Natzic, 48, possession of drug paraphernalia; Maile Aprea, 25, possession of drug paraphernalia; and Luis Marcias Cuevas, 24, possession of drug paraphernalia.
    Specific charges were not available yet for the two suspects arrested Thursday.
    Meticulous planning went into the arrests with several planning sessions and a caravan of police vehicles driving up State Route 95 onto Industrial Boulevard and Havasupai.
    SWAT teams deployed quickly, using flash-bang grenades to disorient the suspects and minimize danger.
    No law enforcement personnel, or any of the suspects, were injured during the raids.
    All suspects were characterized as being "very unfriendly to police" during the planning sessions and officers were advised to proceed with extreme caution.
    McCaleb said it can be difficult to keep track of drug suspects in the area as, "These guys move every four to six weeks, and they change their cell phones just as often."
    Archie said the investigation is ongoing and they anticipate more arrests as a result of their efforts.
    Archie also said their arrests already have had an affect on drug trade in the area.
    "They're nervous," said Archie.
    Involved in the investigation and arrests were members of the Lake Havasu City Police SWAT, Bullhead City SWAT, Lake Havasu City DEA Post of Duty, the Gang Intelligence Team Enforcement Mission, the Mohave Area General Narcotics Enforcement Team and the U.S. Border Patrol.
    The Border Patrol also served five search warrants while in Lake Havasu City.

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    Good job. Now were just going to have to put up with sketchin tweekers for the weekend. :hammerhea

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    When you read the article doesn't it just scream 'Mayberry"

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    "Seized in the raids were a quarter ounce of marijuana, a quarter ounce of methamphetamine and a large quantity of cocaine. Police also found two rifles and a handgun at one location, as well as surveillance equipment."
    Excuse me for my sarcasm, BUT this is a big deal? I'd rather they spent the money on getting the drunks off of the highways and waterways, picking up the trash on the beaches, or whatever. This much dope wouldn't get 3 sh*tbags high on a Friday night. And 2 .22 rifles(maybe they were BB guns) and a pellet gun? ain't sh*t. Surveillance equiptment=scanner from Radio Shack!
    WOW, these boys really ought to be proud of themselves. What's next? Patrolling the parks for 'nasty doggies' ?
    Not much by CA standards is it? My patrol crew coulda done this@!

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    They keep posting the big crime wave over the boards like this and pretty soon they will have traffic jams.

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    Sh*&, I've seen crack addicts throw away more dope than that. I must say that was a great use of the swat team.

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    Estimated street value about 100 bucks. :sleeping: :sleeping:

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    Liberator TJ1984
    a BIG Bust here is like an 18 wheeler load !!!!
    ya know 20 tons of Coke and a few thousand pounds of Weed :idea: :sleeping:

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    And delivery fee :messedup:

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    Good job,but dam that aint exactly a huge bust now is it.

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