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Thread: Knockin Boots

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    Ok, folks I am about to purchase a new pair of boots, and I have worn Tech 8s for 5yrs or so, and I was about to buy a pair of Tech 10s but all of my friends are wearing the Sidi boots they swear by the hinged boot. I would love to get some comments on what you wear and why you like it, 400 bucks is alot for new boots so all opinions are appreciated..(actually I get dealer cost, but it is still expensive) Thanks and Happy New Year

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    The Gaerene Sg10's are awesome boots..Go check them out. I would buy Tech 8's again over tech 10's. Just my opinion

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    Can wear whatever I want, but I always get Tech 6s.

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    I used the Tech 8's also and recently swithched to the 6's. They seem a little more comfortable and not quite as stiff.

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    I use Sidi's and AlpineStars. The Sidi's are lighter.

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    Clayton Bigsby
    Tech 6 for me too, but the next ones will be Sidis. I have problems with the Alp's soles chunking at the balls of my feet.

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    I tried them all on and ended up with the Tech 6's again. They just seem to fit my feet better. The Sidi are nice but didn't fit as well as the Tech 6's.

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    I saw a kid out at Comp Edge yesterday that was wearing the new Berik's. He has been wearing tech 10's and says that the Berik's are way more comfortable. He was a fast intermidiate that knew his shi t, not some beginner. I personally wear the tech 8's with no complaints, soon to step up to the tech 10's.

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    Full Bores on my vintage Husky baby

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    I stick with the tech 8's. Great price, comfortablity and great looks...I dont like the looks of the sidi, but I have tried then on and they were comfie.

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