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Thread: Russian catamaran is Fugly

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    Looks like a big Sea Doo...
    ... I kill me...

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    Or like a big gray bumble bee!! damn what the hell is going on over there in Russia?

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    Looks like a James Bond deal. :yuk:

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    Hey sidwound what you doin on here it is too nice out rite now not to be on the water! I forgot you like down the road from the Ramp You suck I gotta work tomarow and am boatless rite now so Here I am with My pregnant wife (due in 2 weeks its a boy ) beeiny a good boy!
    I started designing another 26'cat 2 days ago and like it alot better than my old design of the aluminum cat I have come to my sences on the Aluminum and am teaching myself the Fiberglass ways! I will post a profile view of the new design I think I will go into this one with a better game plan and after I finnish this kit car or sell it!

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    Looks like a big Sea Doo...
    ... I kill me...
    Who the hell would buy a boat that look like a big ol' sea do???

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    Here is the new cat design it takes me about a year to design a boat and draw it up full size for the templates! I call this one the loco cat cause it looks like an old locomotive form the side profile!

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    Beer Factor
    Looks like Moby Dick!

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    Here is a 3 D of the old Aluminum cat.
    I like them both I guess. Will have to see what the new one looks like in 3 D.

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    Looks like a big Sea Doo...
    ... I kill me...
    Didn't we hear that before somewhere, a few times I think???? That big Sea Doo I think they were talking about is gonna probably kick some a$$ :hammer2:

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