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Thread: Permits to Park in the Channel?

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    Let your voice be heard. In an effort to "clean up" the Bridgewater Channel in LHC, several ideas have started circulating. One of the ideas that continues to get air time is the issuing of parking permits. Permits would have to be purchased through the City and would essentially limit the number of boaters and visitors that could park in the channel. All of this is in respsonse to the so called Carbon Monoxide problem in the channel and the increase of obscene behavior. What do you think about a "PERMIT TO PARK?"

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    paradigm shift
    BS in my opinion. Deal with the problem, in force the laws already in place and not pass more laws or ordinances that you are unable to in force. I guess it could be a way to make more cash but I would think the businesses in the channel would not like it. :devil:

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    OK, 1 police boat (2 durring SMOG ALERTS), 1 fireman for SMOG ALERTS, 2 city people for trash and NEVER CLEANING THE TOILETS! My wife and I pay $2700.00 tax on our house, and another $1800.00 on our lot. These taxes along with the city charges for water and trash, make us TAXPAYERS in this city. If our city 'fathers' put meters in the channel, then I will "feed it quarters". If the MONEY GRUBBING TAKE ALL I WANT FOR MYSELF THIEVES, that call themselves, "public servants", want to stop the 'TAXPAYERS' from using the channel, then I will call myself "A SLAVE FOR THE GOVERNMENT". The people on this city council are some of the most 'insider involved' beings that have walked the earth. One is a realtor that has connections with many major projects, one has just been 'appointed' and owns property that the city council will vote on for improvments. These people are the epitome of "SELF HELP" in the WORST WAY! The channel is a meeting place, but also it can be a savior if you need to get to your trailer in a hurry. (VS going around the island) We keep a pontoon in the Marina, and choose not to travel all around the lake. (durring busy weekends) If we are forced to go "all the way around the island" to get back to the Marina, I think that we could be put in 'harm's way'. This "one direction policy" will cost the city greatly $$$$ (in law suits) The "parking ticket" deal will not work either. We should look for other ways to 'ease this' not LIGHT UP EMOTIONS!

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    Well here's my (crappy) Idea...............Bulldoze the mainland side out to make the channel twice as wide,then place a long bouy down the middle and have oneway traffic on each side.
    As far as the carbon monoxide problem.....still working on it.
    Maybe big giant fans on each bouy........

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    if they want to ease the co just open up the dam sand bar and patrole the damm place,, too many people go to the channel due to the bar being closed, sooo open the sand bar back up ,, period end of discusion......... :boxed:

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    Instead of restricting the Channel - Make it bigger. Seems like Rod-64 might be on to something! Especially if they start the bulldozing in the rocky sections. :idea:

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    I too am a Havasu property owner and tax payer and would like to see my taxes go to enforcing the existing laws with a heavier LEO presence. Zero tolerance at all times. Make it uncomfortable for the yahoos and maybe they'll go elsewhere.

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    Are they thinking like reserved parking spots? A number on the wall every 10 feet, and you rent that space for the whole day???? Or just feed a parking meter quarters while you are there?
    I hate change.... :yuk:

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    According to the Herald, you keep the same spot all day.
    They the reason the same boats stay there all day is because no one wants to leave and lose their spots.

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    Yes...their lame @$$ idea is to have some one essentially own the spot for the weekend. Obviously the people thinking this up dont boat. If you think there is problems now.....try and tell a boat load of dudes cranked up on bud light and testerone that they are in your spot....

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