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Thread: Where's a good,cheap hotel in Mesquite NV?

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    Leaving for Powel in 1 hour and still have'nt found a hotel to crash at in mesquite. Any suggestions???

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    The Oasis might have rooms, but the Big Stakes Golf and Senior Games are in town, we were mostly sold out...

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    Oasis- 800-21-OASIS
    Virgin River- 702-346-7777

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    WTF, i could have got one comp for ya ,just got home from their,try casa blanca or vir/river its friday so rates are up
    WTF, Again you don't tell me... F*ck maybe next week Biatch

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    Good luck.. We stayed in St George on the way to Powell a few years ago. I don't remember which hotel (best western, quality inn, something like that), but it was cheap and had decent boat parking. I guess that's not much help... If all else fails you can sleep in the boat, right?

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    I left at Noon :rollside: :rollside:

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    St George might be worse, they have about 2000 Seniors staying in the area. :2purples:

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    Thanks guy's......We're outa here......

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    The Virgin River was 49.00 last Sunday night. Plenty of boat parking.

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    And old people w/ oxygen tanks, but it has the best buffet & coffee shop in Mesquite

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