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Thread: More Speed 20, Taylor

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    I just bought a 20'Taylor and I want to go fast. I swapped out some parts from my other jet boat before selling it. Here is the pump setup Berkley JE w/dominator 2piece bowl, american turbine extension/diverter and I am looking for a new impellar I was thinking of an aggressor AA. This is a heavy boat with a mild 454.
    Second I was thinking of adding a little Weiand or holley 174 super charger. I only want to run 5pounds of boost. Or should I look at getting a 671 littlefield and underpower it. I am trying to keep this all simple and not tear into the new stock 454 or spend my life savings doing it. Also I am open to any other ideas to get speed. I am shooting for 75mph it goes 63 now.

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    I had the same question some time ago. I had my question answered by Duane at Hi-Tech. The 174 will work on a 454 and give quite a bit of extra power, but the 250 B&M will do it by spinning the blower a lot slower, and not heating the air as much. That's important on a covered engine boat like mine on a hot day. I had them install the 250 B&M and just love it. Went from 63 to 81 mph in my SS Taylor. I also used the carb, cam, and fuel pump that they recommended.

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    Hi EM,
    wow 80mph is quite impressive. That kind of a deep v boat isnt it? What did or do you have done to the pump if anything?

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    EM with the 250 Hitech installed what cam and carb or carbs did you go with? Was your motor stock as far as pistons and crank? What fuel pump did they go with? Did you go with 1 or 2 carbs. What motor do you have. That sounds like an awesome increase.

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    They called it a stage 2 hyd blower cam and the carb is a 750 cfm marine designed especially for blowers. Called blower referenced carb. I believe.

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