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Thread: Any Nissan Dealers on the board????

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    Rod-64 be specific.

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    99 232 baja be specific.BUY USA, FORD,GM OR DODGE. You can get a good discount from GM with their"GM in the Driveway" program. Ask your local dealer or PM me.

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    04 Armada...6 brake jobs in 10 months. The salesman over at Magic has a Titan...same thing. Be carefull.

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    Mor's Lavey be specific.
    Do a search on ( Nissan Titan? ) There is a thread on this.

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    05 Armada...6 brake jobs in 10 months. The salesman over at Magic has a Titan...same thing. Be carefull.
    my buddies Titan is in the same situation. I don't think he had 500 mi on it before the rotors warped.

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    Any truth to the bad suspension geometry on the titan?

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    Perfect Mixer
    Two front brake repairs. Two attempts at correcting a right pull condition. Two attempts at correcting a noise in the front end. Two attempts at repairing my radio that displays the RDS incorrectly. One drivers window regulator and two oil changes in 6000 miles. As far as the front end goemetry, I can't get over a speed bump at a resonable amount of speed without it bottoming out in the front. I'd think again! Waiting for the brake rotors to warp again so I can call the Lemon Law attorney back to get rid of it!
    Ok, I'm done now

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    I have heard about the brake probs with the 2004 models but have heard that they were fixed with the 2005...........ceramic was the word used.
    The one I was looking at is the LE with the Big Tow package with the leather and bells and whistle on it. Has the flip over cargo extender and back up sensors. Dealer here wants 2k over what it should be. Will be checking Vegas in 2 weeks.

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    I work for Nissan. What's up?
    Titan/Armada brake fix is in the works. If anyone wants the info, PM me a fax#. I'll fax it to you.

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    i have a 05 titan 4 wheel drive a could not be haper with it but it only has 2500 miles on it it also has the off road pkg on it. i traded in my 02 chevy on it with the 4.8 liter and the titan out tows that night and day. i loved my chevy just wanted the 4 x 4 and the room in the back seats and could not swing the chevy HD

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