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Thread: Pressure gauge before bowl

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    I know when fine tuning a setup some guys like to use a pressure gauge in the suction piece before the bowl. My question concerns the install details of this testing. I assume you tap the suction piece, but where? How close to the bowl and at what hour on the clock? How high should the gauge read? Does anyone have pics of this type of testing?
    I've got a 21' closed bow vector with a twin turbo 454 making about 600HP w/ 6 lbs. boost. My pump is a Dominator AT-309 with a trimmed AA. It's about an A and 1/2 now. Open center ramp loader and 5/8" shoe set about 3/16" below radiused keel. What kind of numbers can I expect to see?
    Greg. If you're reading this, Carson tells me that you think the boats all done at 72. Say it ain't so! Might you be available for an Elsinore test in a couple of Saturdays?

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    Hottrodder, Greg knows this, I was at his shop saturday with RacingRascal, RivertoysJas, and Flat Broke. He showed us the best place for the gauge and it was just before the impeller. As for clock position, I don't know, and I don't think it would really matter. Anyway, give him a call and good luck.
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    Hotrodder, my Dominator pump came with a factory tapped hole right in the "O" of "Dominator" on the right side.

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    flat broke
    I'd give a reply on the gauge but Randy beat me to it (where are those pics Randy??) http://free.***
    I had heard that more than 25lbs in the intake was a sign of too aggressive a shoe setup, but thats third hand info, and Greg or Jack could tell you for sure. Anyhow, I just wanted to give some kudos to Hottrodder cause I saw his Vector a couple of weeks ago and it is CLeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaN. If your available the weekend of 8/10 and 8/11, we'd love to see you at the Avi Hotel and Casion for the Classic Boat Beach Bash.
    Take care and good luck finding those extra MPH,
    Chris (

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    Jungle Boy
    I have tapped into the clean out cap on my pump and have a thru-hull fitting with a hose to gauge mounted in my dash to monitor bowl pressure. Most of the river racing guys that I konw tap into the pump there. Pressure runs any where from 15 to 45 psi depending on grate and spoon shape on keel.

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    Hey hotrodder,
    tap it at either 10 or 2 clock one inch in front of impeller.

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    greg shoemaker
    Hottrodder, I know that I saw the boat quite awhile ago and and it sounds like some of the changes that we talked about have been done. I would like to see the final package and see what the next step would be.72 is not bad and seems to be alot better than before. As far as pressure pickup we perfer to take that reading at 10 or2 o'clock 1 inch in front of the ware ring register. This will give you the overall picture of the shoe and intake greate at the face of the impeller. To take your reading can be used in other areas but I fell it will not give you the true reading of the shoe and the grate because it is usually located in the middle of the suction pieceGreg

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    OK now we know WHERE to put it. How about some more on pressure reading. I would think that the pressure reading should change through the course of a pass. Would you not want less pressure at WOT than say at low to mid range?
    PS sorry greg I just emailed you on same subject should have scrolled down farther.

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