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    ...wanted...fiberglass or c/f buckets and covers. Thanks in advance.

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    anyone?? :coffeycup

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    Duane HTP
    I get mine from Ultimate Marine in Eureka Springs, AR. He does the finest job in the country. Long ways to ship, but worth it. His seats have been in my boat 12 years and still look like new. He uses the right material, thread, and staples. Covers the higher density than normal foam with a plastic barrier before he puts the covers on. Good Stuff!

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    they look great duane.......i just had mine done by cline extreem boats in orlando fla. they got a guy that upolisters full time for a local boat manufacturer and they are excelent also. just my two cents.........hey duane if u put a motor in it u can take it out of the showroom ...... just kidding dude does look good though.

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    ...wanted...fiberglass or c/f buckets and covers. Thanks in advance.
    What color materal?I have a set. They are white with orange stripes. Pm me if your interested.

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    Thanks guys...396, check your PMs.

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