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Thread: Reverse Spam: Olds Alternator bracket needed!

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    Finally getting my boat's gonna be a great summer!
    I need an alternator bracket for a Olds. The one with the adjuster.
    Anyone have one sitting around?
    On a side note, my block to oil filter adapter has a coat of JB weld on it. Can't be a good sign, so I'm looking for one of those too.

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    Wet Dream
    I have a couple of oil filter adapters that you are talking about, but I'll have to check around to see if I can find that alternator bracket. PM me your address.

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    i had the same problem, i just bought an adjustable arm at cragens, and made two bushings to space the alt off of the block for a low/driverside mount, it worked good and looks clean, just use grade 8 bolts. it took a A 32 belt.

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    I found one in the shop it has a oil cooler adapter on it.
    Do you need just the oil filter half?
    I can not upload a pic so if you want one I can try to send it to a e-mail address.

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    I found a oil cooler adapter in my junk pile so I'm going to run that with a block-off plate where the filter adapter bolts on, and run remote filters. If it doesn't work out, I'll be back.
    If I remember correctly some dudes use a turnbuckle for the alternator adjustment, I'll look at doing that if I can't find a adjustater arm.
    Thanks anyway guys

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