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Thread: Kachina build up from start to finish

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    Here is the beginning of the restoration on my 1987 kachina. I am going through the whole boat from jet to wiring. Here is the dash. New guages,wiring,reverse control,steering bezel and soon to be steering wheel. The next step will be carpet tomorrow.

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    Way to go 396. Looks like a nice project.
    Keep your goals in sight and keep plugging!

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    Thanks heat I will have it fully rigged less motor by this weekend. Now that the dash is done Im in the process of making the wood pieces that lay next to the trailer. I will post all of my steps. The fun thing is polishing my jet

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    remember if u rub your jet more then 3 times u are playing with it!
    nice job 396 looks great

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    I've got a 76 Tahiti I'm going to do the same with Get Er Done :idea:

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    Real nice Micheal. I like the colors on that Hull you got. Carpet? Where did you get it? how much? The carpet that is

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    Lookin good. Only four guages, so witch one do you have to do without?

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    460 jus getn it
    lokks good crazy ass

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    Squirtin Thunder
    So are we putting a FORD in that, Micheal ???

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    So are we putting a FORD in that, Micheal ???
    Nope 12.5-1 comp Big Bad Ass CHEVY

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