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Thread: spam..wanted 460 ford under transom headers !!

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    i was looking for a set of ford under transom headers chrome or jet coated .it doesnt matter .

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    i have some ot basset twist for a bbf...... if you want em

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    how much for the ot's ?
    pat(slotracer) :messedup:

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    :devil: how much do you wantfor em... i was having to buy headers for the cam im gonna be putting in the motor .logs were gonna kill the preformance ...but under transom will have to wait till i can afford it .. till then ill get what it can ...

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    Mrs CP 19
    Are you looking for thru transom? We have a brand new set, never on boat. in box. $850.00 new...$650.00 plus shipping.

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    ya im totally interested .as long as there for a ford id like to get them ... but im a little short on cash right now .. the price went up again from bassett .. ill have to work a few more side jobs to get them ... but first come first serve .. thats how it works ....

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    Mrs CP 19
    Ours are ford headers, Bassett. Not sure if you were responding to my post. If interested please pm us. Understand it may not be right now, no big hurry. However, someone who shall remain nameless wanted to but a used set of twisties we had. We waited 3 months, but he never get them. All is well, we were asking $350.00 and they went for $510.00 on e-bay. $650.00 sounds expensive, but they are brand new and you won't even touch a set of seconds for that. Jill

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