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Thread: RRL has made a few changes

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    JR the people they are referring to is probably the same peeps you wouldn't want over there either! The Drama attention whores etc.
    I hear ya and also agree on this with you.
    Now about Charley and I having are own section.....Dont forget Im way taller than he is!Much better looking too.

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    Havasu Hangin'
    I'm just curious if it was a f-up by the interim or new admin(s)...
    No...I don't think so. In the past, when the site when down (and the server had to be re-booted), Craig was all over it. Right now, there is no one.
    It may have been the hosting company that brought it back up? The data could still be there, but the address is not pointing it in the right direction. Either way, data loss is not good.
    There were plans to re-do the site, including integrating all the content (like OSO). I saw an early version, and it looked really cool. However, when Craig left, so did all his work to get it implemented.

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    I was just over at RRL and I think the site is way better than before.The hover over a topic to see whats up thing is by far better then before.Thats an option thats great to have,also the larger pic files are cool as well.dont take what I have said in my earlier posts as a negative thing,that wasnt my intention,more of a different view to your post is all.No harm meant to be done,keep up the good work...Now go hide behind a trash can and get some girlie pics.

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    So can one take on this new job of admin from his home computer or what?

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    HDD, empty yer box!

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    HDD, empty yer box!
    Done dealio :wink:

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