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Thread: 5.7 Hemi in a MB Sports B-52

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    Lake Ape
    I just got back from Bartlett today and had to ask if anyone else has seen the MB Sports B-52 with the 5.7 Hemi, it says Got Hemi on the sides and back in the gel coat. The guy who owns it is named Mike Hammond, anyone know or hear of him? He says he has had everything from a Sanger Hydro to 28' Daytona with dual turboed motors. Anyways this B-52 wakeboard boat will do 64 on the GPS and has a 5.7 Hemi out of one of the new 300's with the auto trans. Just cruising around at low speeds the boat runs on 4 cylinders and when you give it some gas it switches to 8! Who ever did the swap made it look stock. He says that he is at Bartlett every weekend. The boat is red, white and blue and he drives a matching heavy duty (what else?) Dodge Hemi Quad Cab Truck lifted to the sky. I will get pictures next weekend if he is there.

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    Lake Ape
    So did anyone else see this beast?

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    we were at Bartlett at SB Cove and didn't see it
    could have been due to all the margaritas being consumed though

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    OH yeah!! not to mention the 30 pack of Tecate, and the fifth of Don Julio

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    OH yeah!! not to mention the 30 pack of Tecate, and the fifth of Don Julio
    Damn, I was in the wrong place! :hammer2:

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    Mande... sounds like you should have been over with us,,, We had a couple of ppl from the boards with us over there

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    Lake Ape
    Where at SB Cove? Do you guys have any identifiable things in your site, I will look for you all next time...

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    We had a great big green screen room set up on the beach

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    Lake Ape
    Did you see me? I was the dummy going crazy with the old jet boat and the flying Aquaglid Airport. I bet we had that thing 10 feet in the air, most fun I have ever had at the lake...
    Airport (
    Check out the video!

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