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Thread: spam bbf ot bassett twist

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    ok guys i have a set of used bassett twist headers there a little blued and rust in the normal spots but purrfect for ceramic coat let me know if your interested ill post pics tomarrow make me an offer....

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    post a picture and what you want for them. thanks
    pat(slotracer) :rollside:

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    Id like to see them also. Are they full length?

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    i would like to see them also, i want some thru transom but anything to get this logs off

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    I'll be the 4th interested........Let me know if everyone else passes...Doug

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    alright i cant fiquere out how to post pics but if someone wants to post em that would be cool. i dont know what they are worth so you tell me. the highest bid without having to ship them, there yours...

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    post up the highest bid you have so far. thanks
    pat(slotracer) :rollside:

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