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Thread: Kind of Funny

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    I'm an idiot !!!
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    I thought they where about 50 bucks new???

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    Current list price at CP is $66
    EDIT: List is $80, selling price is $66
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    hustler and old squirt, are you guys feeling ok ??

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    Hallett, feeling just fine, thanks http://free.*** . I just happened to have the current CP price list in front of me. Since CP owns Berkeley and the part in question is a Berkeley(look at the logo on the instructions), I figured their price would be most accurate. Remember, the price CP will sell it for is $66 not $80. Note also that it includes the hardware kit needed if you were changing over from not having a rudder. I do know that there are some lower priced "replacements" available.

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    spectras only
    Berkeley had plastic or aluminum rudders.Was that a question?

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    yeah, I just looked at my recipet, $66, I'm a dork, I know, sorry. That guy is getting a good deal

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    Hallet are you feeling OK today??? http://free.***

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    no, I am still in full poker run mode from this weekend and have just started to stop drooling.

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    Wet Dream
    Ok, you're an idiot. http://free.*** You said it would be funny, it is. lmao

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