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Thread: Detonation.....

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    Bryan Rose
    Not to sound stupid , but what does it sound like? I am familiar with what valves rattling and pinging sound like when a motor is put under load but is this the same thing as detonation. Once again what does it sound like?

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    Ken F
    What you are familiar with as "pinging" is detonation or "pre-detonation".
    Probably one of the worst things that can happen to an engine.
    Ken F

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    Sound is a really bad way to determine whether or not pre-detonation is occurring. Your motor can be experiencing "pinging" with little or no audible warning. Consistent and often spark plug checks is a much better way.

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    Bryan Rose
    Well I dont have it going on then..... I took the boat out today for the first time this season and had what seemed to be a low tone burping sort of sound. through the exhaust every now and then.... no power loss or engine cutting out but definately a new noise.... No effect on performance though..... ran like a scalded dog!
    Maybe a gas issue but I put 3/4 new in the tanks and only had maybe 2 gallons from last season < Nov > in there. what d you think?

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