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Thread: My rubber keeps coming off

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    This problem bugs me big time. That little bumper rail strip that goes around the whole boat. It's like a tract with a rubber bumper that fits in the tract. Seems if you look at it the wrong way that rubber comes out of the tract. It's not had to put it back in but I have to do it at least once a day. Any ideas on how to remedy this? Thanks......EDROE

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    This is common. The best way to keep the insert in is to first put a bead of silicone in the channel, then put the insert back in. It makes it a little harder to replace the molding later, because you have to remove the silicone, but you will never loose the insert again.

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    Thanks John I was'nt sure if it was wise to do that. Now I know it's o.k. I'll do it.

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    John, if you dont mind I have another question for you. I've got a '99 Advantage 20.5 Classic and it has very little freeboard. The problem is that the vents for the engine compartment are as far aft as they could be.It doesnt take much of a wake to cover the vents and pour water into the bilge. The starboard side vent has the blower hose connected to it and water flows into the blower. I feel it is a very poor design. Any ideas? Thanks again for your valueable input..........EDROE

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    It is probably the only way they could get the correct amount of ventilation, without doing something that might not look as good. The blower is going to have the bearing rust out, which could cause a short. The best thing to do in this situation is to put a longer hose from the blower to the vent collar, put an "s" in the hose so that if the blower is pointing up at the vent collar the hose goes up, then 180 dgrees down then 180 degrees back up to the collar. Poke some good sized holes in the bottom of the second 180 degree bend so any water that comes in through the vent can drain into the bilge before it has a chance to get into the blower. This should still allow the blower to do its job without having any adverse effects on the way it evacuates bilge fumes.

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    Edroe, sounds like you should have bought and Ultra.

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    I WISH!!

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    It's obvious that Ultra 28 has no idea what he's talking about. Silicone? Geesh. The proper way to fix something like that is with JB Weld. It works on everything. Cracked block? JB Weld. Busted crank? JB Weld. Tear in the interior? JB Weld. Air Vents too low? JB Weld those suckers closed. Problem fixed.
    I'm not sure where Ultra 28 gets off letting out all that misinformation. You'd think he was a boat builder or something.

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    Nah! Duct tape, the handy man's secret weapon.

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    Hey if the rubber keeps coming off, don't buy those magnums (or get some Viagra). Just kiddin.
    I tried the Silicone Idea years ago and it works really well. Try to buy the same color as your rub rail.

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