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Thread: SYA Finally Gots his.....

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    New Ride and Boat.....
    Don't know how he's gonna launch though... :hammer2:
    Coming next..... SYA's new Beaumont house..... :hammer2:

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    Tom Brown
    He's going to need a steep ramp for that pontoon in shrink wrap.

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    Oh I thought you meant this ride... Looks like a DAISY CHAIN to me....

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    WOW.... remind me to NEVER piss you off....LOL :argue:

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    Again with the missing fingers...whats up with the finger problem left coasters?

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    hey its Beaumont you know how they do the butt................
    At least plya plya is only a pitcher......

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    What's with the tongue sticking out Frenchie? :rollside:

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    SYA where are you, do you like the pic? We had to make a u-turn outside Laughlin turn-out coming back from Havi today just to make sure we informed everyone about the new boat and ride. Why didn't you tell me you were buying 2 pontoons?

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    not sure why..first thought was ..oreo cookie!!!!!

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