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Thread: Extreme trailer reverse pin?

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    Where exactly is the reverse lockout pin placed on Extreme trailers? Not that I would need this, but just in case I would like to know.

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    the reverse lookout sucks on extreme trailors my driveway is real steap
    and if your not srait and you pull forward it falls out. there should be
    a 5 prong plug on your pig tail wire that to your reverse lites on your
    truck and when you shift into reverse it will cut out the brakes allowing
    you to back with no problems

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    3 nieghbor were here when i brought it home for the time not one of them gave me idea :hammerhea :hammerhea

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    Here's what it looks like:
    Notice where the tape pulled off the quality Zieman paint. :supp:

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    or you can trun your trailer pigtail side ways and plug the blue wire lead in to any hot lead on your truck pigtail this will "unlock your brakes to back up"'s the easy way if your in a bind...............

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    You can put a rock in there and it will work in a pinch.....
    Trust me I have been there......

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