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    In California's booming Inland Empire, Riverside County supervisors are expected to vote this summer on what could be the nation's toughest law. The current draft would ban the activity on private property four days a week, even on the riders' property. Riding would be banned outright on private lots under 2 1/2 acres. Grading to create jumps, trails or tracks would require a costly permit and public hearings.
    Off-roading "is increasingly dangerous, destructive and very difficult to control, except at huge public expense," said Buster, the Riverside supervisor. The county has long been a mecca for professional dirt bikers and weekend amateurs, and riders are outraged at the attempt to rein them in.
    "That is total insanity," said Ed Waldheim, president of the California Off-Road Vehicle Assn. "Off-roading is the most incredible family sport there is, and to deny a kid riding on Sunday Â… that is repressive, totally crazy."
    Clashes between riders and residents have been frequent in subdivisions that are being carved out of open space, on private property near national forests, and in rural areas — including northern New England and the California desert — where snowmobilers, school kids on dirt bikes and others were once free to barrel across unfenced, unposted land.
    "Back in the '60s when I was growing up it was like the whole desert was wide open," said Brian Klock, spokesman for the California State Parks' off-highway vehicle program. "I literally would ride anywhereÂ…. There were no signs, no maps, the only thing I knew was when you got near a residence sometimes the landowner didn't like it, and he would be out there with a shotgun

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    Hesperia already has a campaign entitled "ride where you like, lose your bike" I sold mine.

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    Mrs. casean
    WOW! Not even on your own property! WTF??? What is it coming to!

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    I blame this on insurance companies. A couple kids get hurt on their dirtbikes now they want you to stop riding. B.S. in my opinion.

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    I blame this on insurance companies. A couple kids get hurt on their dirtbikes now they want you to stop riding. B.S. in my opinion.
    I blame it on urban sprawl, it's the same people that moved next to Riverside raceway and then bitched about the noise! That's what happened up here.

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    I blame it on urban sprawl, it's the same people that moved next to Riverside raceway and then bitched about the noise! That's what happened up here.
    I miss that place!

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    We are having that happen in Reno. Where we lived a couple years ago we could ride from the house out to the hills. Well my kids were riding their go carts out to the hills one day but on the way out the sherrif stopped them and followed them back to the house. He said they received complaints so he had to stop them.
    He was totally against it because he knew that is why people move out of the city but that it was the city folk moving out there and then complaining about the activities. The Same folks that move out to the country and then want streetlights put in. So he said not to worry about it and have a nice day.
    I like where I am now. Dirt bikes all over, horses all around and no street lights.

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    thats such BULLSHIT!! ... :devil: :devil: ...that just pisses me off to no end.
    i really wish i could get out of this place!!

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    Sportin' Wood
    I know a certain unamed exsupercross rider who is spending a mountain of his personal cash and time to defeat this proposal. He has been at it for two years. His family has a meeting with 4 of the 5 county supervisors on weds, the 11th. If talks do not go well, his mom asked me to call out, an internet frenzie of oposition to this proposal.
    This proposal is complete BS. The county allready has the tools to deal with heavy use of OHV,s on private property through a number of resources, most notably dust control. This law will cover every type of ohv. from Go carts to Jeeps. If it is not registered for highway use it will be fair game.
    The most disturbing item of the amendment is the wording. The first part of the document starts off with a statement saying something like, the use of oHV's is a privledge not a right. Our we not dealing with "private property"?
    Its a privledge for me to use my private property in a manor that I wish?
    This will end up in a court battle.
    Lets see, Its Ok for my horses to crap all over the place and run around and make dust but not my kids to ride there bikes on sunday?
    Its ok for me to get up a day break and start my chain saw run it hard all day but a mini bike is too much noise?
    I can pile up horse crap in a huge mound, but if I want to build a jump out of dirt I will have to get a conditional use permit, a grading permit, an approved grading plan, a dust mitigation plan, a storm water waste prevention plan, an enviroment impact study, and only use it 3 days a week, with no more then two bikes running at a time between the approved hours, or face a $1000 fine and/ or 6 months in jail. I built my kids jump with 75% horse crap :notam:
    Offroading is criminal :devil: :frown: :yuk:
    The worst part of this amendment is that it all stems from a fight between two land owners in southwest riverside county. One is a horse person the other a bike rider. If the two could have shown some respect for each other they would have been alot happier, and Riverside county may not have to inact yet more stupid law.
    The first statement in Ordinance 348.4213 Article XIXf
    Section 19.105
    Offhighway vehicle usage is not permited as a matter of right in riverside county.
    What about the pursuit of happiness?

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    That is freakin crazy!!! What the hell is this place coming too...??? So they take away the last thing that teens are gonna be doing to keep them away from drugs or getting themselves into trouble. How do they think people are going to react to this?? People/Teens are going to rebell to a great extent on this! And they wonder why they see an increase in crime and drug/alcohol abuse! Not to mention that there taking away family and group activitites!

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