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Thread: Thanks Roostwear!!!

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    Jessa and I had a great time. Good friends, insane boats, crazy drivers and perfect weather. can't wait to do it again. Thanks for puttin this deal together.

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    Nucking futs
    What he said, can't wait for the next one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks again Mike......... :boxed:

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    Thanks Mike, I've been to all 3 so far and can't wait till #4. It keeps getting better and better. Your work is very much appreciated.

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    Yeah Mike. Great job. Thanks for all your work. Had a great time. (Even if Mudpumper shows up)

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    hey guys got a dumb question.........was in parker and havasu before and damn it was hottttttt how ya keep from getting so darn sunburned u cant come out the next day anyway.........someone must be getting rich on sunblock over there. its bad enough in mississippi here in the summer. must be the french canadain in me.......its hell to be so fair skinned lol keep those pics a coming love to see hot boats jet or v drives thanks guys

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    Yes it gets hot there, in the summer. Friday and Saturdays highs were about 85 degrees. Perfect weather. July and August get to about 115. But always remember, its a dry

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    u need to come to mississippi some time 95 and high humidy u sweet as soon as u hit the door going out. lol its anything but a dry heat

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    Cant Say It Too Much...... Thanx Mike, It Was A Blast

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    good times, good guys! MIchelle and I had a great time can't wait to make another road trip out there.

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    Thanks Mike! Great event as usual.

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