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Thread: Rooster booster ???

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    Anybody know what the +'s and -'s are with a rooster booster and what does it really do

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    Well on the technical side it will boost your roost.
    +'s will make it bigger.
    -'s will be a reduction.
    I tried to resist... http://free.***

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    fat rat
    Hot Rod are you ready for the weekend...let me know.

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    I considered a booster but opted for the 4 degree wedge. Problem is (as I see it) you will lose all you down while adding to the up. With my setup (jetovator 4 degree wedge) I still have enough down for holeshots and skiing. If I were to run 8 degrees instead of the 4 (booster has 8 degrees I think) I would lose the ability to trim down (the nozzle trimmed full down would end up being almost level). If you're running a Place Diverter you might have more down travel than I did to begin with but, my buddy runs one and I don't think it does. Bottom line here is, to gain more travel in one direction you'll have to sacrafice travel in the other. If all you care about is a higher rooster then go for it. As a side note, the wedge gave me quite a bit more height and it's alot cheaper than the booster.
    Barney, you might consider putting a rooster booster on that blender of yours.

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    Still not the biggest rooster on the lake, but it's at least 1/3 higher than it was before the wedge.

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    The booster is generally all show and no go. It looks awesome flying the tail but your boat will not go any faster and will loose your ability to trim for rough water

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    If I could figure out how to post a picture
    I'd show you what a booster can do.

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    Let see if this works . Well I 've done it. Anyway this is the boat I was going to take to lost lake this weekend, but I think i'll give it a rest and bring the slow one instead. Later
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    Havasu Hangin'
    Originally posted by picklefork1:
    Let see if this works
    Let me help you out...

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    OK how can you past to the forum directly without having to use the link?

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