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Thread: Clearance for big gears

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    Does anyone have pics of water passages and plate milled for bigger than 37 gears? Going to do my 10 degree box before I put it back together.
    Help !!

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    Yes a friend of mine had a box with more gear than that in it and still had the water passage in it. you will have to take it to a milling machine and cut it down.

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    I just wacked the water jacket right out and cut the mid plate to match.

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    I've got 45's in mine with the jacket, about 3/16 wall left.

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    I just wacked the water jacket right out and cut the mid plate to match.
    Ditto, me too ... just mill it out, make sure you match up the mid plate if you are going to run 48's or higher ...

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    I had 48's in my box and only had to clearance the water jacket rib with a die grinder. Probably only need .025 to .030 clearance to be safe.

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    Mine had 50's cleared with no problem.

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    I have 54's in the box and still have the water jacket. Ordered it that way from Casale.

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