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Thread: Hey trubo guys...........????

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    What exhaust manifold gaskets do you guys use?
    I was mockin my shit up and figured I better get the gaskets in there now so stuff will fit later.
    I ask because the normal ones seemed to leak with friggen open headers. With some back pressure of the turbos I bet they'd leak really bad.
    So what do you guys use?
    My manifolds are CMI deals.

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    Mrs CP 19
    I'll let you know when Performance 19 gets home. Never had a problem with leaks.

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    fab up some copper ones - lol

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    A little bit of toothpaste and you'll be all set

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    Had good luck w/ copper on cars, no experiance w/ these exhaust issues you talk of on a boat
    BJ(4bolts and go)H

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    I cant remember what gaskets I have for my motor,soon as it comes to me I'll let ya know.They look like a 3 piece composite gasket,really thick.

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    Mrs CP 19
    Performance 19 says....Felpro and high temp silicone.

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    Performance 19 says....Felpro and high temp silicone.
    Felpro for a turbo'd motor? Composite gaskets and turbo chargers = a BIG no no. You're going to be seeing EGT's in the 1450 degree farenheit range and that is WAY to hot for composite. I

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    I wasn't aware that you needed gaskets with a "TRUBO" set up! Better get that pig done there amigo! My coffee table is almost ready to gobble up some sissy ski boats.... :boxingguy

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    I dont know from personal experience, but copper seals well.
    On other turbo applications, metal/fiber and hi temp silicone.

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