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Thread: Which is better...Boat Trader Online or ...

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    Brian Ray
    Selling my boat and wanted to know if I had to choose between boattrader online or boattrader mag. which would offer the most exposure. Anyone have any suggestions or opinions??

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    Well, first of all you need to post it in both. That will bring you the most exposure. At the same time, it depends on what you are selling and how people will come across your boat. If it's a custom boat, people will most likely come across that boat while searching for that particular model.
    I found out in selling my Monterey 206 Bowrider some two years that comparable boats(remember it's a bowrider, now a custom boat) were selling for much higher in the magazine than online. People who purchased the magazine had a lot less other bowriders to compare it with so I got the most out of the buyer.
    I found that boat on-line for $10,000 and sold it in the mag for $12,000 two years later and it was the same exact boat with a wax job.

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    Brian Ray
    It's the boat in my I think the market for this boat would really be So. Cal and local to my area.

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    You'd be surprised. I had a guy drive from Louisiana to purchae my 1988 Sleekcraft for $7K. I live in Northern California. That was a motivated buyer!

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    I had my 20' Mini Cruiser on boattrader online and in the mag, with only a few calls. After a quite a few months, I posted it on Hot Boat Classifieds, and sold it in 2 weeks, to someone in Utah. Exactly what he was looking for, just couldnt find it in Utah. I'm in So Cal. Just my .02. Good luck

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    The trader on line is probabaly best. I have placed ads in both and the magazine side of things would get kind of screwed up at times.

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    Steamin' Rice
    I sold my last boat through the online boattrader, but I also listed it in the printed version

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    I bought mine from the online version. Yay though I picked up a print everynow and then, I much preferred searching the internet site. All photos were color, and you can search specifically instead of cover to cover.

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    They used to post it online when you took a print ad. No more i guess huh?
    I would do both if ur in a hurry, otherwise as mentioned above, see what the comp's are and run with it.
    On another note, if not in a hurry then start the season out with it and some 4 sale signs/decals. fwiw!

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    Back To Havasu
    I had my Shockwave posted in the trader and trader on-line. Sold it in a week to the first person who came to see it.

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