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Thread: Lady Warhawk Family

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    Sorry to hear about family crisis,Hope everything will be alright!Will keep yall in my prayers.undefined

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    hope everything will go ok

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    there son ryan was in a bad car acc on sunday what a day for mon lets keep them in our prayers, we all will pray for ya its just going to take some time hang in the mon and danny call if ya need anything

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    Danny and Monica,
    Hope everything will be OK. You all will be in my Prayers!!!!!!!!!
    If ya need anything, Please call!!

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    :rollside: Sorry to hear about your troubles. I hope every thing will be ok. I will keep you in my prayers. :rollside:

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    If you need anything, we're right around the corner. We will pray for Ryan and family.

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    Lady Warhawk
    Thank ya'll for the well wishes. Ryan is still in critical condition, but as of today, the neurologist said the thought' there would be no brain damage. That was our main concern ever with all the other injuries he has which include:
    broken pelvic
    lacerated liver, spleen
    broken sturnum
    2 punchered lungs, with tube in to in flat them back
    broken clavecal
    double temprle lobe fractures
    multiple places where he had to be sutured
    and the MAIN concern was brain damage, as his brain was bleeding, and spinal fluid coming from his ears.
    We got pretty good news today, that they think no permenate damage was done to his brain, which is good, because he's only 24.
    Doctors told us we were looking at least a 6 month recovery time, with rehab for his fractures, and broken bones.
    I hate to be posting such a bummer, but just wanted ya'll to know just in case we don't make it to Anna. Plus to thank you for the well wishes, and prayers. :smile:
    Thank you,
    Monica, and Daniel.

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    Wow, I'm so sorry to hear about this!
    We just never know since time and unforseen occurences befall us all...
    Here's wishing a complete and rapid recovery for Ryan!

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    Jr Jetter
    Sorry to hear the bad news, thoughts are with Ryan for a full recovery

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    You guys are in our thoughts and prayers.....

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