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Thread: Bead blasting?

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    I was going to get my manifold polished but I'm thinking about stretching my resources and opting to have it bead blasted instead. It was painted before & I removed all the paint. It actually looks pretty good, but there are a couple areas between the runners (down deep) where it could look better. Therefore, I'm leaning toward bead blasting. Problem.....I checked my local yellow pages and couldn't find sh!t. Saw a few commercial sandblasting companies that do block walls & houses, but no car parts.
    So, if you know of a place around the La Mirada, CA area let me know please. (Superdave013 knows everything, maybe he can help)

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    You can get it beadblasted by most engine builders or even polishers. My blast cabinet isn't big enough for a manifold, or I'd help you out. I would highly suggest my polisher (Al Reed polishing in Anaheim) blast the manifold and he can clear powdercoat it. He is polishing the logs, risers and plates for me as well as blasting and clearcoating my Stealth manifold (nothing looks worse than bare aluminum after a season of exposure to the elements).

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    I sand blasted mine it came out but i would paint it with a clear coat or something as it gets dirty really easily.

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    Take it to Abrasive Finishing Company in Gardena and talk to Mike, you might want to just glass bead it, that is what I did to mine and when it gets dirty I just squirt it with a little break cleaner and it comes out like new.

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    Just about any automotive machine shop would have a bead blaster.

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    That'll work, thanks. I think Al Reed is a bit closer so I'll call him first.

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    i have a sand blaster at work i can blast it for you if you want im in fullerton.

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    hack job
    hey i went to aplace in gardena call abco. they do all kinds of blasting sand , glass and bead ill try to find the # if your intrested.

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    PolyRock in Chino, Ca. does real nice sand/bead blast work. LDFTRBT

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    Originally posted by 77charger:
    i have a sand blaster at work i can blast it for you if you want im in fullerton.
    77Charger! you the man! OK, how about next week? Email your phone number or whatever so I can work out a time.
    Thanks for the help,

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