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Thread: what happened to v drive thread???

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    Sanger D
    I just got home,what happened the what I like thread?.did some one get outta hand? crap!!!! I was starting to like that one!!!

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    It was here less than an hour ago...I didn't really read anything out of line, just the usual back and forth jet vs. v- drive s#@t...

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    I think the V-Drive thread got put back on the trailer.

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    Feb 2009
    The only person that could have deleted it was Jet Hydro himself or admin.My money (and the only time my money would be on him) is on Jet Hydro

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    It was deleted by the thread starter.

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    What the..............!!

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    I guess his bubble got burst. :cry:

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    ya know jet hydro said it himself that he put v drive on the trailer......he just left off the part about how they needed to get ready for the next round while he went home.....defeated again by the red light lol

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    It was deleted by the thread starter.
    Mabye its time to delete the thread starter instead!!! :hammer2:

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    Like his boat...He sucks too.........

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