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Thread: IRS Audit..Anyone Been Thru The BS ??

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    F'n Govt ruined my week already !! I'm self-employed and I just got a letter last week that my 2003 federal return has been chosen for examination. Has anyone been thru this BS with the IRS ? Any suggestions..or should I get an attorney ? Maybe move to Mexico ?

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    Yes, I have.. The tax preparer I was using got busted by the Feds for fraud and audited EVERY customer. What we found out after the fact was that this person was not doing returns correctly. This person would charge based on the ammount of return you got back (which I found out after the fact was illegal) S it was in is best interest to keep the returns as high as possible.
    Long story short I have been audited for 4 years and from what I have been told is they will continue to audit me for another 3 years. Once you go on the list it is hard to get off of it.
    I finally hired a lawyer after just writing checks and things are starting to turn for the better. but be prepared to pay if you dont have EVERYTHING on the up and up.

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    It's Only Money
    Yeah. It's no big deal if your paperwork is in order and your tax return is truthful. Otherwise........your in deep dodo. :hammerhea

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    Yes, but not for the reasons Riverbound did, mine was more routine. As I used a CPA, they handled it and it was a no brainer. However, if you ever get audited by our state Franchise Board, that can be real trouble. As you probably know, those Resale Cards are a bitch. Don't ever screw with them. Good look with the Feds...

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    I do know that the IRS added 800 people about 1.5 years ago whose purpose was to audit only. All of our chances were increased. Sorry to hear about the hassle.

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    I went through one about 10 years ago...It was no big deal!!! Like IOM said if your paperwork is in is easy!!!!

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    Well my letter says they are examining (3) items on my return: Car/Truck Expenses...Subcontractors...and Gross Receipts. My CPA is good knows her stuff, but I guess they wanna see every single receipt, right ?? Maybe I should just make it easy and get an attorney that specializes in this crap...or get the checkbook ready ?? RB...who did you use, and is he any good ?

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    Havasu Hangin'
    Yeah. It's no big deal if your paperwork is in order and your tax return is truthful. Otherwise........your in deep dodo. :hammerhea
    My return was truthful, but I got screwed.
    Having the backup, and having them accept the backup, are two different things.

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    If your records are in order it will not be a big deal. If they're not or you are stretching what is legitimate for deductions they can make it a huge deal and run you ragged. A good CPA helps to deal with the auditor rather than you.
    Yes they will want to see everything. Give them what they ask for and nothing additional. If you have nothing sketchy as far as what you've claimed you have little to worry about and IMO you won't need an attorney involved (more money). On the other hand if your stuff is marginal I'd consult with your CPA first then possibly an attorney depending on what she says.

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    I wouldn't hire an attorney until after the audit, and you've done any necessary appeals. They are great about letting you talk to the next supervisor up the line. If you are in doubt AFTER your CPA does his/her thing and they still want a serious amount of money, get a TAX attorney. Normally these things take a lot of time so don't get in a hurry.

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