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Thread: VDO Guages

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    Caribbean Jet
    Hello All,
    I'm looking for a little help. I cracked the lens and dented the bezel of my VDO temp gauge on my boat. I've been unable to find the same gauge anywhere, I purchased another brand but have been unable to get the wires to match up like the VDO. Does anyone have a suggestion on where I can get a VDO Gauge or one that is similar?

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    Bayliner uses VDO

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    Tom Brown
    Bayliner uses VDO
    Bayliner uses Mercury engines. What brand of engine do you run, Patyacht?
    Caribbean Jet, do a Google search on "vdo marine gauge" and you will get a lot of hits.
    Here's one. (

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    Caribbean Jet
    Hey Tom,
    I did that, but the guage that I have is Disco, I was hoping somebody might know of a boat salvage yard or have some experiance with VDO guages.
    Thanks for the help.

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    porsche maybe?

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    Mrs CP 19
    E-Bay. or VDO Performance Instruments
    188 Brooke Rd.
    Box 2897
    Winchester, VA 22603
    540 - 678 - 2022
    Fax 800 - 445 - 5212

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