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Thread: spam...Eddie Marine Thunder Exhaust BBC

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    Sorry for the spam...(not really)....
    I just had them Cerama-chromed (sp)..similar to the Jethot process, but supposed to be better and the riser's have just been re-polished and not used since.
    Sorry for the fingerprints on the risers...I was too lazy to retake the pics.
    Here are some pics..
    Only one is pictured, but both are for sale.

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    I'm interested, Do ya ever make it up to Tahoe? Thanx RD :smile:

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    I'm interested, Do ya ever make it up to Tahoe? Thanx RD :smile:
    No, but the mailman does....I'll split the shipping with me if your interested

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    INTERESTED Where are ya located? RD

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    Camarillo,Ca approx 1 hr north of LA.

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    I was in LA on Thursday. Whats the bottom dollar shipped to 89706? I really just need the lowers, I have a set of uppers but they are not polished. Thanx RD

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    thanks but im looking for something like some bassets

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