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Thread: NJBA June Race Date Change

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    Hello every one
    Just want inform you of the date change from June 18-19 to June 25-26, 2005.
    Hope this didn't cloud to many thing for you.

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    aww great, now i got to change my plane ticket

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    Crap that is the same weekend as OP6C.

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    Crap that's the same weekend as my wedding. :squiggle: :rollside:

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    ah sweet. i couldnt make it the 18th but the next weekend is perfect. Hey willis give me a call when you get a chance. got a question for you.

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    Looks like they didnt want to get squashed by the IHBA race.

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    May 9, 2005
    Jetboatguru :idea:
    You're right, we're being considerate of all of the other venues that our racers might want to attend, dominate-or just get beat.

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    On one note, Willis is right ... being considerate was one thing, however ... he's being polite. There were quite a few other situations going on in choosing a dates in June. Redding Video could not be there the weekend planned due to prior commitments, Kern County Parks & Rec w/ other boat venues, Alan our starter could not make it one weekend due to his daughter graduating high school, etc., etc., etc.
    There was talk about moving it to July & even cancelling it date all together.
    So Tony ... no it wasn't IHBA's race in Chowchilla that made us move ... it was just one of the factors under cosideration. We looked at how many racers actually ran both circuits & the count was not high enough for us to cancel or move a race because of a conflicting venue, there were other factors making the deciding vote.
    We on the board know that there are other summer events that would conflict with the race ... unfortunately, we figured that we would rather pick a weekend that Kern County would give us to run than to have to move the date into July with the heat or cancel all together. Hopefully we will have a good turn out and all have fun.
    See you all at the races.
    Brian Busby

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    Crap that's the same weekend as my wedding. :squiggle: :rollside:
    Oh darn, what will I do now?????? :frown:

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    "Just want inform you of the date change from June 18-19 to June 25-26, 2005."
    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ........................

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