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Thread: Help, need suggestion for cheap, easy, nice hotel at Havasu for this weekend

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    Hey all,
    We are going to the family day at the beach with our kids, but our kids are old enough to babysit all of your kids I think..........(14 & 15)
    anyway, this is really last minute, but we need a nice reasonable place to stay Saturday night, we are pulling the boat out Sat night, so that isn't an issue. Sunday we are heading up to Mohave (Katherines Landing)
    The only hotel we have stayed at is the Nautical, and MAN are they expensive, any suggestions?

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    Nautical had a special for $259. Fri and Sat nigth with 2 hours free water playground and 1 free breakfast and 1 free dinner. They emailed us this special. We did it! :mix:

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    I will call and ask them!

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    deb try the island inn
    Island Inn?
    Is that where you are staying?
    Are we all meeting for dinner somewhere?

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    Or Travel Lodge 89 per night w/AAA. or Windsor Hotel (really budget) 49 per night and parking with boat sucks! I think Ramada is 99 per nite.

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    Deb we prob have room for you guys at casa de Dicudmore...
    not the fanciest place in town, but the price is right

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    Let me ask Matt, we are bringing our two kids, we need to buy a aero mattress for our future trailer anyway (should we bring two?)

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    I have been staying at the holiday inn for the last 8 years, This year it was bought out by the Hampton Inns. I was there last week for the poker run and the remodeling is great. They have a large continental breakfast that is free and the rooms have been upgraded. The room rates should be under 100.00 per night. There number is 928-855-4071 good luck

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    MY INVITE MUST GOT LOST IN THE MAILLLLLLLLLL :wink: got the invite several times

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    Let me ask Matt, we are bringing our two kids, we need to buy a aero mattress for our future trailer anyway (should we bring two?)
    whatever makes ya comfy
    I have a travel trailer for sale CHEAP too :wink: 25' Prowler

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