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Thread: NEw guy possibly getting this Eliminator...Whatchu think??

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    Tom Brown
    It looks to have all the stuff you need, although somebody put the water pressure gauge way over on the right.
    I like it.
    What's with the aluminum L just above the chines?

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    I know, I am going to redo all the gauges...
    They are spray bars I think...I dunno, maybe someone over the years tried to stop it from spraying in the wind,lol...

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    Nice pics

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    I don't know much about outbords but I do own two Eliminators and that will be my next ride also. It's a 21' right. I have a 19' and enjoy the hell out of it.

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    thanks for the good words.. I wasnt sure if it was a good deal, but after browsing the boards here, it looks like a good choice.
    Yes, it is the 21..I dont know the year, late 80's I think...same with moder. IT runs nice, and is pretty clean.

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    Nice looking ride for a outboard.I have a21ft eliminator and love the way it rides.

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    good looking boat... good luck to you

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    I had this exact setup for 10 years..... killer boat you will love it!

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    Lake Ape
    Did someone add aluminium lifting deals on the sponsons things or what? Does anyone else see them? The eliminators I have been looking at don't have those...

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