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Thread: Dissappointed in new headers

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    Wet Dream
    As some of you may know, I got the OK from the wife to get new Bassetts for my Olds. (it makes her feel important) She placed the order through CPP on a Monday and was told that they should be here by Friday. That was 3 weeks ago. I have been calling every week to check the status. Found out that Olds headers are made to order with a 2 week time frame. Last Thursday they were in the chroming stage and should have been here this week. Today I call CPP and Bassett is holding them because they don't have a T valve for it. This is getting ****ing outrageous. I just want to be able to put the boat back together and run it soon. I was hoping to have it together this weekend and make a run. I know that is really isn't any fault of CPP other than not telling us that this item is not stocked and it may take a while. You would think that a major supplier like CPP would at least stock one set, unless CPP is just a middle man type operation that receives an order and buys from its vendor. I don't know what the deal is but I am very frustrated. I guess my advice is: if you are going to order anything, give yourself plenty of time for it to arrive.

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    Sorry to here the frustration...been there done that, o yea! I thought both sets of bassets I owned had sub-par chroming to check em out real good! Its a bitch when ya deal with (some) of the west coast markets...and ya pay for it, and it dosent arrive how it should have! And there's no time to send it back!

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    WD I live real close to CPP and have been in the store but it is a small operation with some nice stuff in the showroom and a small warehouse in back. I don't think much of them. I think they are more of a parts broker, they stock a few things but order most it seems like. FYI in the future ask them if they are in stock if not go elsewhere and you will probably find a better deal.

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    I have been waiting three or four weeks for a Dam catolog from those CLOWNS!!!!!! They must only print them when ordered.
    "Don't stock those sorry"
    I called again the other day. The new excuse is oh we have a huge demand for catologs. We sent out a bunch the other day????? Im thinking yeah sure you did.
    Getting a catolog from CCP has become as hard as a T-Shirt from HOT-BOAT.......
    Now if I was in a big hurry for a part how could I even think of calling these guys!!!!!!!!! NO WAY.....

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    Jungle Boy
    There is a set of 455 Olds bassets for sale on the ( site. Lot of other good stuff there.

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    Wet Dream
    Too late, they already got my $650

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    Hey Wet Dream, I had the same problem w/ Eddie Marine so I called Basset and asked them the status. They were really friendly and helped me out. Evidently Eddie Marine sat on the order because Basset had no order for 460 twist and Basset had them in stock. I then called Eddie Marine back and told them that I talked to Basset and low and behold I had the headers in 2 days. I will deal directly with Basset from now on, they even gave me a deal on a scoop because of the other problem. Hope it helps.

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    Wet Dream
    I should have talked to Paul Bassett himself. Next time, I'll go right to the source. Live and learn, I guess.

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    Why don't you guys try Jim McComb at Rewarder Headers, or even Lemons Headers in Paso Robles? You can deal direct with the manufacturer and get a comparable if not superior product. At least you'll have a unique set of headers for the same or possibly even less money.

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    I ordered my Bassetts direct right from Paul Bassett himself really great guy!

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