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Thread: stern light??

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    I am getting my eliminator daytona ship shape and am in need of a sharp looking stern light. (If there is such a thing)
    The boat came without lights and I think I will shead a tear when I cut a hole in back of it for the light :cry:
    I bought a low profile one for the front and am looking for a stern light socket that will not stick out like a sore thumb :idea:
    I thought about the suction cup battery opperated lights allready but chose to go with the reliable 12v setup instead.
    Any pics help or ideas would be great!

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    I considered this some years ago. Although I never did go through with installing lights, I had planned to make a bracket to hold the stern light socket that could be mounted to the rear of the engine or inside the transom. I don't think I could bear to cut a hole in the exterior glass for one.

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    good idea I never thought of a bracket inside the boat :idea:
    Got my wheels turnin now :idea:

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    Make a trick little bracket with a small electrical socket for the back of engine. Then have it chromed. Wires go right into harness for engine! Budlight

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    I like the ideas,
    I was wondering if the dnr has restrictions on how far to the back of the boat your light has to be?
    Like mounted X amount of inches from the transum???

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    You should talk to HBJet, he is the only one in this section that has lights on his Jetboat. LOL

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    You should talk to HBJet, he is the only one in this section that has lights on his Jetboat. LOL
    I do not really need lights but the DNR where I boat likes to hand out tickets 1 hour before sunset if you do not have lights :argue:
    Ok going off of that bracket idea how about a bracket mounted to the stringer and then I will just use one of those 4 foot light poles :wink:
    I think I am going to sleep on it
    Thanks guys will check back in the morning its 10:30pm here and I get up at 4AM to drive 75 miles to work :cry:

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    There are 2 kinds of stern lights. So pay attention, The first in a white light visible from the rear of boat, [doesn''t have to be visible but from the rear] thats a running light and must be on in conjuction with your bowlight when driving at nite. The other is a white mooring light that is visible 360 degrees when anchored at nite. Most people put one light on 1 pole that does both. Coast guard lesson for the day. Budlight

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    Wet77 - Here is a picture of KenF's Cheyenne. He has his stern light mounted on the motor.
    If you want a bigger picture, click here (http://www2.***

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    My boat came with navigation lights and operates as shown on Figure 1, second image and Figure 7, first image. All the original Perko lighting was replaced and restored with OEM items. The boat passed a USCG Auxiliary safety inspection in 2004.
    The link below will help:

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