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Thread: Havasu...May 20-22...Who's going?

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    Big Bear
    Finally!! My first trip of the season! Better late than never.
    I have been looking forward to meeting alot of you folks from the boards. Outside of Kilrtoy, Photoglou, and Shaken not Stirred I would not recognize anyone. My boat (see avatar) is 28ft Advantage, name on side is Liquid ASSet. We will be 4 guys :yuk: myself, 2 cousins and my son. If you see me and have a chance, introduce yourselves so I know who is who on the water.
    So who is going, where besides the channel might I run into some of you? We are there about noon Friday and staying at the London Bridge Resort.
    Man, I cant wait!!!
    Looking forward to meeting some of you!!

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    I'll be there and look for ya.

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    I would like to go.. but not sure yet if I am gonna be there.

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    I will be out that weekend, getting son moved there to work with Aaron :idea:
    He'll be working, I'll be boating

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    Havasu Luvr
    I'll be there with a few girls.....(dam the bad luck :hammerhea )

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    Us too. Or should I say three.

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    Big Bear
    Hey Havasu Luvr, I'll trade my bad luck (boat load of guys) for your bad luck, antime!!
    Say Hi if you see me so I can at least see what a boat full of chicks looks like!! :hammerhea

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    ChumpChange and I will be there with a lot of people...about 20 coming along with us this weekend but there will be lots of kids so we'll be lyin not in the channel or at the sandbar.

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    Havasu Luvr
    Hey Curtis....Glad you got that right (ie..the 3 of you) Congradulations on the phuggitjr :redface:
    Big Bear, I'll look for ya but I must decline the "Switch" middle name is "Bad Luck". Got a cold one waiting for ya...

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    Big Bear
    Man, I would lose faith in you if you switched your crew for mine. It would take a hell of a lot of cold ones and a sudden onset of blindness for you to make that switch. :messedup:

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