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Thread: Black oil, black plugs....

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    Wet Dream
    Basically, after about 10+ hours on the oil, 455 w/ a stock pan the oil was pretty abused. I have since installed a 9 qt pan and while going through my preseason check, the plugs had a little carbon along with the exhaust ports on the heads. Someone earlier mentioned that a clogged air filter would load up the gas into the oil causing the darkening. The air filter was pretty much shot and I'm wondering if I should look elsewhere for a problem?

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    WD, I don't think the air filter would be clogged that badly, but I would replace it anyway ($5?!). You might want to go through the carb though. It seems a little rich (black plugs). Fuel sitting in the float bowls is no good for the power valves or accelerator pump diaphrams (it will deteriorate them leading to holes). Fuel will leak into the manifold through the power valves and onto the manifold through the accel diaphrams. This is true for Holleys. If the valves are black too(looking into the exh ports), It is running too rich. They should be a light tan color. My thoughts........Mike

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    Of course a little discoloration of the plugs is fine, that is going to happen from the detonation. If it is really thick, black goo, then I would say your carb may be in need of either A) rejetting or B) adjusting the air screw. If the plugs get the tan look to them, then you are too lean. Good luck!!!! -DD out

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    Old Guy
    Wet Dream if you want to know if your gettin gas in your oil, smell your oil. If you shut it down, pull the dip stick and smell it, you might notice a little gas odor especially if the motor is runnun cold. If it smells real strong like gas, you should find out why as soon as possible. This can ruin your motor.

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    WD, OG is right! Fuel washes down the cylinders! No more lube for the pistons! And then = gas for your oil system. Bearings/crank/rods don't spin as freely.

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