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Thread: jet boater from South Africa

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    hello all
    i am putting in a long distance call for some advice.I recently bought what in my country is called a "cona" it is a 72 model with a 455 olds and a berkeley 12jc jet and is 18 foot long in the U.S i think you call them "tahiti`s". The problem is that it is very difficult and expensive to get parts for the olds motor and as i am a ford man i want to drop in a 460.I would like to hear from you guys what this mod would entail,(bellhousing,etc).Currently the boat does 100km/h (62mph)at 4000rpm the thing is,i do not know what sort of hp i need to get to the 130km/h (80mph mark).i also need info on the sort of hp absorbed by the pump in order to build the new motor so that it can reach the desired rpm,with out using gas or turbo.I don`t know if this is reachable,there is very little experise
    out here on this sort of setup.
    thanking you in advance

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    spectras only
    Jet Bug ,Ford Motorsport has a 540cu [stroked 460] crate motor that's 500HP.It would put you in the close vicinity of 80 MPH.

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    is your engine stock?
    i to have a 455 olds bored .90 over with C heads and just from them i got an extra 100 hp, also i put in a eskay 280 degree mega cam with a torker II intake, on top of that is a edlebrock 750 cfm. HEI dis. and etc, pushing close to 425 hp all under $1,000.00.
    go to search under 455 olds and you will frind all the goodies you need for your engine.
    also see if you could get the Joe Mondello's book, this book is reconmended for this engine, go to and you will get tips from these hot roders.

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    forgot one thing, check above your timing chain cover and look on the block of your engine by distrib. look for several #'s then to the right of them look to see if you see any of these leters ending with F, F1, F2 or F3, the Mondello's web site says these are the best blocks to have for modifying and performance.
    I have F.

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    Originally posted by spectras only:
    Jet Bug ,Ford Motorsport has a 540cu [stroked 460] crate motor that's 500HP.It would put you in the close vicinity of 80 MPH.
    good morning spectras thanks for the info but to import a crate motor will cost about 100,000 rand .a 3bedroom house on a 1000 souare meter property is 170,000 so its not a viable option but any info on rebulding a 460 with the right goodies would be of great help we can get parts for the fords here at reasonabe prices
    jet bug

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    good morning montrone thanks for the info as far as i can tell the motor is std it has the "c" type heads havent cheked the block my oldman has the exact same boat but with the "k" type heads but i am slightly quicker at "wot"about 5km/h.we looked at rebulding the olds motors but it seems you have to do a lot more work on them to get them to pick up their heels added to that is the parts avalability. Over here it`s either ford or chevy so we are both going for fords,you know the old saying "if you want to go fast bo ford,if you want to go cheap go chevy"(just kidding).Any info you might have on impeller selection, etc would be great
    cheers jet bug

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    you are right, these 455 olds are hard to find parts to, and have to do a lot to get them to move.
    so you a ford man?
    far as impeller, i was told "AA" it's designed for higher RPM, this is what i have.
    go to and they have some good stuff for both of our jets, and if you should find some thing i don't please let me know.
    take care and good luck,

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    Actually an AA impeller will make a motor turn less rpm (unless your adding substantially more torque and horespower) as it takes a bigger bite with each revolution. From top to bottom are the impellers that would turn the least to highest rpm are:
    What you want to do is match the peak rpm you engine is rated to turn with the impeller that will allow the motor to turn that rpm.

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    But i thought it depends on your set up. see my engine is set up for high RPM, and this is what i was told to have for impeller?
    unless i was told wrong, what would you suggest?

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    Montrone, has a pump curve sheet with horsepower vs. engine RPM. If you know how your engine dyno'd it is real easy to find the impellor you need to maximize your available horsepower

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